Fruition can provide the resources you’ll need to support your professional journey. We provide powerfully written content that moves careers forward and can help with resume writing that fully articulates your value, as well as support you with key selection criteria writing and cover letter writing. We can even write your personal biography for your website or LinkedIn profile.

You only have one chance to make a first impression on prospective employers. That imprint can come from your resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile. And in most cases you will only get 3 seconds. 3 seconds. You can be judged (or misjudged) quickly, regardless of your job title or level of experience.

Unlike some professional resume writing services that churn out resumes in factory fashion, Fruition Recruitment are not a resume production line, but a boutique service dedicated to high quality and helping you land your target job.

Thinking Home Office

Success during a job search hinges on your ability to market yourself well. You can create opportunities by having a clearly articulated, meaningful offering, which you then leverage to secure interviews and advance your career.


A prospective employer will judge your CV within 3 seconds

So it's vital you make the right first impression

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What type of resume will you need?

Professional CV:

Student/ Graduate

Fruition Recruitment has extensive experience helping students and graduates into apprenticeships, their first job, and good graduate careers. We can help you on your first important step up the career ladder.

Midcareer Resume

Whatever your job and whatever your sector, Fruition Recruitment have the experience and expertise to help you land your target job and climb up the career ladder.

Manager Resume

The higher you climb up the career ladder, the greater the competition. And at managerial level you can not only expect to be up against very strong candidates, but also managers with professionally written resumes. On the bright side, Fruition Recruitment resumes stand out more than those of other resume companies, and we can help you shine.

Career Change

Whether you are looking to move up the career ladder, step sideways, or even downscale, changing career is always the most difficult move to make, and career change resumes are the hardest of all to write – especially since you need to come at them from a completely different angle. However, Fruition Recruitment are vastly experienced in helping would-be career movers achieve their goals. We can help you too.

Executive CV:

Senior Manager

Want to climb the career ladder yet further? Fruition Recruitment has the experience and expertise to craft your resume in such a way, so you can achieve just that.


High performers deserve a high performing resume and Fruition Recruitment has an outstanding track record helping executives, directors, MDs, CEOs, CFOs, etc. across all sectors, land better, highly-paid jobs. Competition at this level is inevitably strong and you must ensure your resume sufficiently articulates your true value proposition. With our vast experience we genuinely believe we are the best in the business, and can give you a real advantage over your competitors.

The tax deductible investment for an expertly written Fruition CV is as follows:
Professional CV – $245.00 + GST | Executive CV – $398.00 + GST

for pricing on other writing projects such as key selection criteria, please get in touch to discuss

We differentiate you from the crowd by carving out your unique value proposition. It can be difficult to tie together your career moves, personality and key achievements into a story that seems as though it was pre-planned and include a unique selling proposition that is a manifestation of those, but we help our clients achieve just that.